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The cold has sabotaged my voice

Unfortunately the dreaded cold has taken over my vocal cords and I am unable to sing at The Electric Circus tonight. Sorry to have had to pull out. It looks set to be a great night with some powerful sounds from The Lonely Together, Pilotcan and Alan R Davison.

2 Days until Undercurrents Release!

Only 2 days until Undercurrents is released and available to buy from all good digital stores. CD & Vinyl will be available directly from my website and through Diverse Vinyl.
I am also the first British artist to release in the wonderful new audio coding method MQA ! The MQA album will be available through 7Digital and directly from my website.

Goodbye old house!









I have been trying to write this post for weeks, but I have been having trouble finding the right words. A night of camping on lumpy ground, no sleep at all + a glass of wine seems to have done the trick!

Tonight I am spending the last evening in my flat that we have lived in for the last 7 years, and I really should be packing those last boxes.

We have just returned from the wonderful wedding of Fiona Rutherford and Mark Cadman, which was a truly amazing celebration of 2 incredible people starting their life together. Blue Rose Code played an amazing set which I loved so much, then we all danced in the tent to the brilliant songs sung by Martha Bean and her partner who’s name has currently disappeared from my mind. They were both excellent!

It is a time for new beginnings, and we will be moving house tomorrow with my soulmate, one and only true love Steven. So very exciting.

Goodbye old house!

I also have a new album which I cannot wait to share, though I am taking the time to find the right way to release it. Compared to my last recordings, this has been a bit longer in the making, but I really hope that you don’t mind the wait, as I have been speaking about Undercurrents for quite a while now.

It has been a very interesting, fun and fulfilling process working with Calum again, and it is a recording I am very proud of, but a big part of the real meaning, for me, is through the communication of the people who will listen to it. So I am keen for you to hear it soon!

Thanks for reading, and I will be back with more news in the very near future. I really must get back to those boxes!

Lots of love,


Practice, sketches and a new recording

After having a bit of a rest post tour, I have been getting back into practice again. I cleared out my music room and, have a bit more space now.

It feels good to reconnect with my songs, and they still feel relevant although I am leaving a couple behind that don’t feel right anymore. But parts of those songs might resurface again in future songs.

I bought myself a sketch pad the other day and have been finding it a lovely way to while away the evenings. Last night I finished a big doodle and then wondered if it might actually work as an album cover. I will share it with you soon and you can let me know what you think. It is in a similar vein to this one I did in the summer. This isn’t really the right shape for an album cover….

The album cover may of course end up just being a BIG PICTURE OF MY FACE, in true singer/songwriter fashion. We will see!

A couple of weeks ago I recorded the song Guardian Angel at the Soundcafe, for a compilation CD in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. The CD features some lovely new music that was played at the memorial for Esme Macintyre who died from a brain tumour in July 2013. She was only 18. To find out more you can visit Esme’s inspiring facebook page Esme’s Adventure The CD is going to be available to buy within the next couple of weeks (in time for Christmas!) with all proceeds going to Teenage Cancer Trust. More information about this coming soon.

Scottish Tour Blog & Photos

I’ve been away touring last week with Fiona Rutherford (harp), Kate Miguda (violin), Emma Peebles (viola), Pete Harvey (cello), and Rick Standley (double bass). We have already played 10 dates altogether!

It has been a really interesting experience organising the tour, and I have learnt a great deal. Some parts of the organisation have been a real challenge, but there have been so many rewards. This photo on the left is from The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool. We had a great turnout and a brilliant experience. The weather was stunning, and the next day we skimmed some stones down by the water before we had to leave for Oban.

We managed to get a bit lost on the way to Oban and ended up taking a very long scenic route! Part of this involved a nail biting descent, in the people carrier, down a very narrow road with sharp bends, with a big drop on one side. Very scary! We were all glad to get back to normal roads, and soon we reached Oban Corran Halls.

On the surface, this was perhaps our least successful gig, with only 6 people in the audience (3 of which were part of our group!) but I actually really enjoyed the gig.

The next day we had to get up at 5am to get the ferry over to the Isle of Coll. It was wonderful arriving there despite the midges!!! This was the view from our lovely B&B Tigh Na Mara.

We had a great turnout at An Cridhe that night, lots of people came, including my brother & sister and their partners, who had sailed over to Coll especially for my gig! It’s a really special venue, with a lovely big hall with wonderful acoustics.

Next stop was Tiree! We stayed at Tiree Lodge Hotel and played a gig in the bar. Everyone seemed to love it and we got some great feedback, although it was very noisy and hard to hear what we were playing at times, I still really enjoyed playing, and met some interesting people. This is me and Fiona on the amazing beach which Tiree Lodge Hotel overlooks.

After Tiree our final night of this group of gigs was at the wonderful venue An Tobar. It was sold out! and the audience were so warm. This was a real highlight for me and everyone involved.

Kate wasn’t able to play this date so Hannah Fisher who lives on Mull played some lovely violin.

Here are the rest of my tour dates for the summer!

Tour dates

Made In Scotland 2014

My summer tour dates will include three performances at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of this year’s Made in Scotland Showcase, which presents some of the country’s most impressive musical and performance talent on the international stage. I will be performing a new body of songs called ‘Undercurrents’ at Summerhall on 15th, 16th and 17th August at 10.30pm, with string trio, harp, double bass, and percussion. After the performances ‘Undercurrents’ will be recorded and released as my fifth album.

Eastern Canadian Music Alliance 2014

Thanks to Showcase Scotland I am going to Canada at the beginning of April with Fiona Rutherford & Lawrie Macmillan to perform at The Eastern Canadian Music Alliance! I have been selected to perform in front of delegates from North America as part of a Scottish reception and also the festival itself. This is all very exciting!