Goodbye old house!









I have been trying to write this post for weeks, but I have been having trouble finding the right words. A night of camping on lumpy ground, no sleep at all + a glass of wine seems to have done the trick!

Tonight I am spending the last evening in my flat that we have lived in for the last 7 years, and I really should be packing those last boxes.

We have just returned from the wonderful wedding of Fiona Rutherford and Mark Cadman, which was a truly amazing celebration of 2 incredible people starting their life together. Blue Rose Code played an amazing set which I loved so much, then we all danced in the tent to the brilliant songs sung by Martha Bean and her partner who’s name has currently disappeared from my mind. They were both excellent!

It is a time for new beginnings, and we will be moving house tomorrow with my soulmate, one and only true love Steven. So very exciting.

Goodbye old house!

I also have a new album which I cannot wait to share, though I am taking the time to find the right way to release it. Compared to my last recordings, this has been a bit longer in the making, but I really hope that you don’t mind the wait, as I have been speaking about Undercurrents for quite a while now.

It has been a very interesting, fun and fulfilling process working with Calum again, and it is a recording I am very proud of, but a big part of the real meaning, for me, is through the communication of the people who will listen to it. So I am keen for you to hear it soon!

Thanks for reading, and I will be back with more news in the very near future. I really must get back to those boxes!

Lots of love,