Scottish Tour Blog & Photos

I’ve been away touring last week with Fiona Rutherford (harp), Kate Miguda (violin), Emma Peebles (viola), Pete Harvey (cello), and Rick Standley (double bass). We have already played 10 dates altogether!

It has been a really interesting experience organising the tour, and I have learnt a great deal. Some parts of the organisation have been a real challenge, but there have been so many rewards. This photo on the left is from The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool. We had a great turnout and a brilliant experience. The weather was stunning, and the next day we skimmed some stones down by the water before we had to leave for Oban.

We managed to get a bit lost on the way to Oban and ended up taking a very long scenic route! Part of this involved a nail biting descent, in the people carrier, down a very narrow road with sharp bends, with a big drop on one side. Very scary! We were all glad to get back to normal roads, and soon we reached Oban Corran Halls.

On the surface, this was perhaps our least successful gig, with only 6 people in the audience (3 of which were part of our group!) but I actually really enjoyed the gig.

The next day we had to get up at 5am to get the ferry over to the Isle of Coll. It was wonderful arriving there despite the midges!!! This was the view from our lovely B&B Tigh Na Mara.

We had a great turnout at An Cridhe that night, lots of people came, including my brother & sister and their partners, who had sailed over to Coll especially for my gig! It’s a really special venue, with a lovely big hall with wonderful acoustics.

Next stop was Tiree! We stayed at Tiree Lodge Hotel and played a gig in the bar. Everyone seemed to love it and we got some great feedback, although it was very noisy and hard to hear what we were playing at times, I still really enjoyed playing, and met some interesting people. This is me and Fiona on the amazing beach which Tiree Lodge Hotel overlooks.

After Tiree our final night of this group of gigs was at the wonderful venue An Tobar. It was sold out! and the audience were so warm. This was a real highlight for me and everyone involved.

Kate wasn’t able to play this date so Hannah Fisher who lives on Mull played some lovely violin.

Here are the rest of my tour dates for the summer!

Tour dates