1. Steady The Bow
  2. The Journey
  3. The Severed Head 
  4. Alison
  5. Golden Fox
  6. Clearing
  7. This is the Road 
  8. Lost Balloon
  9. Pieces of Me
  10. The Caretaker
  11. Antidote


Lawrie Macmillan - Bass guitar
Fiona Rutherford - Harp
Sue McKenzie - Saxophone
Liam Bradley - Drums and percussion
Amy Duncan - Vocals, Keyboard, Guitars, Field Recordings, double bass (7)

Produced by Amy Duncan
Mixed & mastered by Calum Malcolm

Most of this album was recorded at home by Amy, with field recordings taken from around Edinburgh city. Drums were recorded at ‘The Seclusary” by Paul Casey and harp recorded by Calum Malcolm at his studio.

Cover photo by Steven Cook

Released April 7, 2017