Cycles Of LifeĀ 

I see pictures of happiness shining like gold when I'm dreaming
A love so right it could never die never leaving
And I am remembering days gone by and I'm grieving for another love
For another love lost, for another love lost

In my heart I know time will heal and I'm growing
Its safe in the silence the space in the silence is showing
That we're all connected like waves on an ocean flowing in perfect rhythm
The ebb and the surge of the tide, endless cycles of life

And I'm thankful for everything, just to be alive is a blessing
I'd rather face the rain than anaesthetize the pain numb the feeling
Because after the rain the sun comes out again, revealing, I walk with my shadow
My shadow is walking with me, is always walking with me

I'm searching for something, a new understanding, a meaning
And learning to live with the way things are and believing
That there is a reason, my sense of direction is leading me the right way
As I create what unfolds, I create and unfold